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Maillard Reaction Products (MRPs) - Markers for the Quality of Food, used in Cosmetics, Biochemistry, and Pharma Industry

Proteins contained in meat and other comestible goods are usually rich in the amino acids arginine and lysine. Their side chain functional groups react with reducing carbohydrates such as glucose to form Amadori reaction products. These characteristic intermediates decompose particularly at elevated temperatures to various Maillard reaction products (MRPs) which are responsible for the distinctive flavors of many food products. MRPs are widely used as markers for the nutritional quality of food and have gained broad attention in cosmetics, biochemistry, food, and pharma industry.

MRPs reduce the availability of essential amino acids such as arginine and lysine in food, and therefore influence their nutritional quality. They are responsible for deterioration of food during storage and processing. From a pharmacological point of view they may cause kidney damage and show carcinogenic, but also antiallergenic, antibiotic, anti-mutagenic, and antioxidant properties.


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Exhibitor: Iris Biotech GmbH


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