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Bicoll is a biotechnology company, offering pre-clinical support both in the area of drug discovery from natural products as well as medicinal chemistry. Dedicated to the discovery and optimization of the highest quality lead compounds, Bicoll provides an efficient, multi-disciplinary approach to drug discovery. With outstanding expertise in high tech natural product chemistry and validated experience in medicinal chemistry, Bicoll increases quality and quantity of the drug discovery pipeline of its partner's product development portfolios.

Natural products can be patentable - Bicoll has the expertise in the field of medicinal chemistry.

Bicoll Group provides its services to a number of international clients of various fields of interest, e.g. pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetics and agrochemical industry.

Products and services

Drug Discovery Natural Products:
Product development candidates into your drug discovery projects: Intelligent screening with Bicoll Profiles™ - innovative techniques, methods and equipment accompanied with the extensive experience and expertise of our scientists in natural product chemistry. 

Medicinal Chemistry & Synthesis: We seamlessly guide your synthesis and lead optimization projects through drug discovery and development with intensive understanding of structure-activity relationships, capability in biological data
interpretation, solid knowledge of intellectual property and patent aspects. Reliable and fast reporting under your specific requirements.

Hit generation and speed up your access to unique sets of compounds by our novel de-convolution and isolation strategies, guaranteed rapid structure elucidation. Keep your projects in time and get our knowhow for fast and easy scale up for re-delivery of largest set of small molecules available from plant ingredients.

Bicoll Plant Profiles™

Bicoll Plant Profiles™ give you access to the most promising source of new patentable, high quality leads in 9 months at a reasonable cost. They can be applied both as pharmaceutical lead structures as well as in the field of nutraceutical / food additive.

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Natural based medicinal chemistry

MedChem service – FTE based chemistry for compound optimization including MedChem consulting based on project data.
Custom synthesis – synthesis of exclusive compounds and intermediates.
Custom library synthesis – synthesis of exclusive compounds by parallel synthesis.

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